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Parent Association - 'Friends of Blossomfield'

‘Friends of Blossomfield’


Our Parents' Association, known as Friends of Blossomfield, is actively engaged in planning and organising various events throughout the year at the school. These events are aimed at raising funds for the betterment of our children's education and overall school experience.


How do we raise funds?

We strive to create a diverse program of events and activities that both children and parents can participate in. Some of the past events have included an Easter egg raffle, a summer disco, non-uniform days, and much more. These events are incredibly enjoyable and highly popular, so be sure to secure your tickets in advance! Information about each event is usually sent in letters, included in book bags a few weeks prior to the event, and also posted on the school website.


How are the funds utilised?

The funds we raise are dedicated to providing valuable resources and experiences that benefit our children. We support various aspects, including small but significant things like personalised reward stickers for the children. Additionally, we have contributed funds to larger projects, such as the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) on the school field. Each year, we also contribute towards the cost of hiring coaches for school trips, which helps reduce the expenses for all parents.


How is the Parents' Association managed?

We hold regular meetings throughout the year to plan events and discuss the allocation of funds. The committee consists of three key office holders, along with several other members. The current positions are as follows:


Chair: Responsible for organising meetings and delegating tasks to other members.

Vice Chair: Supports the Chair and fills in if needed.

Treasurer: Responsible for managing all financial matters, including banking and accounting.


These office holders are elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in October. The specific date for the AGM is communicated at the beginning of the Autumn Term.


How can you get involved?

We encourage you to attend the AGM in the autumn term and join us immediately. The date for the AGM will be advertised in the school's autumn term newsletter, as well as in the weekly newsletters you receive from the school. It will also be prominently displayed on the website banner.


If you are unable to attend the meetings but still wish to contribute, there are other ways you can help. We always need assistance in running stalls, selling raffle tickets, and more. Simply let us know how you can contribute, and we will contact you before each event. If you need contact details, please inquire at the school office.





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