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E- Safety

Internet safety is a very important aspect of Safeguarding at Blossomfield Infant School. Our children are happy, confident users of ICT and they learn how to use computers safely. Internet safety is promoted throughout school from Nursery to Year 2 and posters are located all around school.  We promote the ‘SMART’ rules for staying safe online.


S – Safe - Keeping safe by not giving out personal information. 
M – Meeting – Do not meet people you have only spoken to online. 
A – Accept – Do not accept pictures, emails, files or texts from people you do not know. 
R – Reliable – Not everything on the internet is true. 
T – Tell - Tell a trusted adult if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable online.


E-safety is taught during computing lessons when internet units of work are being used. The issues around E-safety are also discussed throughout the year across the curriculum and with the E-Safety committee. The committee is made up of children from each class in school who promote E-safety back in their classrooms. We  also celebrate Safer Internet Day each year!

School Values

Below are our core values.