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Infant and Nursery School

'Blossom at Blossomfield'

Forest School

Designing and making twig sailing boats for aliens to sail on !

Christmas floristry presents

Year 1 have been creating natural pictures outside, at forest school

Half term holiday family den building at the Lickey hills visitor centre. Warren Lane, Rednal. B45 8ER

Sunflower field at Wythall with lots and lots of beautiful bees

Mud digging fun.

Year one are going to be looking for tadpoles and other pondlife at our school pond this week. You could make something in your garden to encourage frogs to live in your garden.

We have learnt a new forest school chant at forest school, that we sing together at the woods...


Everywhere we go  ( children repeat sing)

People always ask us  ( repeat )

Who we are ...

And where we come from ...yes

So we tell them ...

We're from forest school ...

Mighty, mighty forest school ....

And if they don't hear us ...

We sing a little louder ... ( repeat sing)



We chant this song and each time we finish one verse, we sing the next verse even  louder !!!


It's lots of fun smiley

Year one collected natural resources in the woods and designed their own giants!

Natural giant pictures at the woods!

Nature bracelets to make from natural resources.

Tree bark rubbings

We made some fantastic bark rubbing pictures at the woods today!

Listen for the sounds of Spring activity

Year 1 saw these birds whilst birdwatching at the school pond!

Join us for the RSPB big garden bird watch 2023 ! 

Year 1 are going to be bird watching at forest school soon, to help the RSPB record what birds visit our local area . They will be recording their results as part of the RSPB big garden bird watch 2023. They will let you know what they see!

If you want to join us, the main weekend is January 27 th- 29 th, but you can start now and see what happens when you feed the birds in your gardens. 

Let us know what you see and maybe draw a picture of the birds you see or take photos and send them to the Year 1 email address. 

Have fun 😀

Year 1 have just made tasty Winter pinecone bird feeders for the birds and hung them up outside the classroom to watch for some bird activity!

      The Blossomfiield Infant School

                      Bush Monster!

Plenty of exciting places to explore at Sharmans Cross Junior school outdoor learning area soon!

Visual walk to Sharmans cross Junior school outdoor learning area

Year One super den building

Super dens

Year one build dens in the wood for small animals.

RSPB 2022 Schools Big Bird watch

Sharmans cross wood pictures

Visual route to Sharmans cross wood.

Our three important forest school rules

Superbug designs... what would yours look like?

Our creative autumn leaf monsters.

This little Oak tree was grown from an acorn. It took along time to grow!

Superbugs with super powers!

Paint your own Stick man using a stick for your paint brush.

School Values

Below are our core values.