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Infant and Nursery School

'Blossom at Blossomfield'

Forest School

Plenty of exciting places to explore at Sharmans Cross Junior school outdoor learning area soon!

Visual walk to Sharmans cross Junior school outdoor learning area

Year One super den building

Super dens

Year one build dens in the wood for small animals in March.

RSPB 2022 Schools Big Bird watch

Sharmans cross wood pictures

Visual route to Sharmans cross wood.

Our three forest school rules

Superbug designs in Year 1

Autumn leaf monsters.

    Growing an Oak tree from an acorn.


Daniel in Year 1 has successfully grown a metre high Oak tree from an acorn. 

It has taken him a very long time for the young tree to grow up and Daniel has waited patiently for it to grow up so strong. He has had to water the little tree and keep it safe for a very long time.

Now the little tree has lots of leaves on and has nearly outgrown the big pot he planted it in!

Soon the Oak tree will be  needing to be planted in the ground so it can keep on growing bigger and stronger. Its roots are very long now.


Year 1 have recently been learning all about deciduous and evergreen trees at Forest school. They identified and felt different types of trees outside and learnt all about each trees features and played a memory game called Kim's game whereby Mrs Webb laid down lots of deciduous and evergreen tree samples on the grass and then year 1 had to memorise them all with a brain camera photo. Next Mrs Webb told the children to close their eyes and she quickly removed some of the tree samples. 

The children had to look again and try to guess which ones had been removed. 


It was really good to see Daniels deciduous tree he has grown at home and it reminded Year 1 all about the trees outside that they were learning about.


Growing an Oak tree from an acorn!

Superbugs with super powers!

Paint your own Stick man using a stick for your paint brush.

School Values

Below are our core values.