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Minutes of statutory board meeting 23.11.16

 Minutes of the Statutory Meeting of The Board Of Governors

At Blossomfield Infant & Nursery School on

Wednesday 23 November 2016 



Mrs L Bosley (Chair of Governing Body) (LB), Mrs B Farkas

(Headteacher) (BF), Mr T Tiwana, Mr D Flavell (DF), Mrs S Church (SC) ,

Mrs D Rothwell (DR), 


Mr R Jarman (Vice Chair), Charlotte Bywater (CB

In Attendance:

Mrs P Atkinson (Business Manager) (PA), Mrs K Morrison (Deputy Head) (KM), Ms Deborah Yardley (Clerk to The Governing Body) (DY)


The meeting opened at 6.30pm and was quorate throughout (6 governors reducing to 3 for item 19 )



Agenda Item


Supporting Documents


Governors Code of Conduct & Signatory Page


Pecuniary Interest Form


Minutes from the previous meeting – 6 July 2016


Draft Minutes of Resources Committee Meeting of 9 November 2016


Forward Forecast


Out-turn Statement as at September 2016 



Pay Policy, Purchasing Policy & SMBC Model Attendance Policy


Report of the Head Teacher


Child Protection / SEN report




Staff List


Minutes of Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting of 28 September 2016



Chairman’s Actions




Minute Item






All governors must sign the Code of Conduct & Pecuniary Interest form. 


Minute ref: BFGB231116.1


Governors agreed to accept an application for co-opted governor and with regret to decline an application based on maintaining the balance of governors within DfE guidelines. Governors agreed to review advertising for a governor with the skills required in the New Year.  DF offered to help draft any advertisement.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.2



The minutes of the meeting and the Confidential Minute held on 6 July 2016 were approved and signed by the Chair as a true and accurate record of the meeting.



Minute ref: BFGBM231116.3



Forward forecaster – it was agreed that the Business Manager would circulate the revised forward forecaster and Childcare Budget to governors.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.4


TT agreed to follow up with RJ regarding the draft letter.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.5



The Clerk to book governors on the agreed courses for the Spring term.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.6




The Pay Policy, Purchasing Policy and SMBC Model Attendance Policy were all accepted by governors.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.7



The SDP was ratified by governors.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.8



Governors need to undertake Prevent online training and print off the certificate and send to the Headteacher.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.9



It was agreed that SC would seek formal feedback from parents about the change to parents evening prior to next year.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.10



Governors agreed to await costings for NGA membership and to discuss in the next Resources Committee meeting.  


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.11


18 & 19

Pay reviews for teaching staff and leadership staff including the Headteacher were agreed.


Minute ref: BFGBM231116.12



Welcome and Apologies for Absence


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies were accepted for CB who was attending governor training and RJ who had sent apologies in advance. 







Declaration of Pecuniary Interests 



Hard copy forms are awaited from DF, RJ and CB.  The Business Manager will arrange for the Site Manager to complete a form.  The completed forms should be returned to the Clerk as soon as possible.





Ratification of Governors’ Code of Conduct


Governors unanimously ratified the Code of Conduct.  Hard copy forms are awaited from DF, RJ and CB which should be returned to the Clerk as soon as possible.



Parent Governor Election Update


The Chair advised governors that 2 applications had been received and therefore there will be an election.  Ballot papers will be despatched to parents on Monday and the closing date for the election is 4pm on Tuesday 13th December.  Both governors have been taken through the Code of Conduct and confirmed their understanding.



Co-Opted Governor Update


Governors discussed the request from a parent who wished to be considered as a co-opted governor.  Governors noted that the application was very strong but governors were mindful of the guidance from the DofE regarding maintaining the balance of parent, staff, local authority and independent co-opted governors.  It was agreed that the Chair would write to the parent and explain the need to keep within the DfE guidelines.  Governors would welcome an application in future should a vacancy for a parent governor arise.


DF provided details of an application for co-opted governor from an electrical engineer who currently works at JLR.  The individual’s CV was passed round for governors to read.  Following this, governors overwhelmingly endorsed the application to the Board.  Governors agreed that DF would be the new co-opted governor’s mentor.  Given the number of vacancies which exist for co-opted governors, it was agreed that all governors needed to be proactive and seek candidates.  Governors agreed to review advertising for a governor with the skills required in the New Year.  DF offered to help draft any advertisement.



Minutes of Meeting held on 6 July 2016


The minutes of the meeting and the Confidential Minute held on 6 July 2016 were approved and signed by the Chair as a true and accurate record of the meeting.




Matters Arising from the Minutes


The SDP action relating to the Vice Chair is outstanding.  The Vice Chair has now joined the Resources Committee.


The most recent Parent Partnership meeting saw only 2 parents attend.  Other local schools have also seen minimal parent involvement.  The Chair raised the question as to whether there needed to be a Code of Conduct for behaviour.  The Headteacher agreed to look into and check with colleagues at other schools.


The Headteacher briefed governors about the disrespect shown by a minority of parent motorists towards her and the police during school pick up.  Examples



included children not secured in car seats.  It is possible that the police will return to check whether any motorists are committing offences.





Resources Committee Report


Draft minutes of the Resources Committee meeting held on 9 November had been circulated.


Governors had no comment on the out-turn statement which had been circulated.


Prevent training is outstanding for TT, CB and RJ.


The Business Manager outlined the background to the errors in the forward forecaster leading to the attendance of Linda Sheridan at the last Resources Committee meeting.  The Business Manager confirmed that the new SFO was in place and developing an excellent relationship with the school.   It was agreed that the Business Manager would circulate a soft copy of the revised forward forecaster and the Blossomfield Childcare budget to governors.


TT agreed to follow up with RJ regarding the draft letter.


Governors were advised that the Resources Committee had reviewed the SFVS and divided up responsibility for completion of each section between members of the Resources Committee.






The following governor training was agreed:-


Child Sexual Exploitation – 7pm on 10 Jan – the Chair and DF to attend


Clerks Briefing Sessions – the Clerk is booked on these courses 


E-safety in Schools & Role of the Governor – 7pm on 24 Jan – DF to attend


Health & Safety in Schools – 7pm on 26 Jan – TT to attend


Healthy Schools – 7pm on 9 March – the Chair to attend


SEN Briefing Session – 7pm on 9 Feb – DR to attend


Understanding School Date: RAISE Online – 7pm on 18 Jan – the Chair to attend


The Clerk will book governors on the above courses.



Adoption of Policies


The Pay Policy, Purchasing Policy and SMBC Model Attendance Policy were all accepted by governors.



Ratification of School Development Plan


The SDP was ratified by governors.




Update on Blossomfield Childcare


The Headteacher updated governors on Blossomfield Childcare which is one of the SDP priorities.


Pages 37 and 38 of the SDP detail the actions taken including creating a project plan, carrying out market research, TUPE, safeguarding, budget forecast, amendment of school policies, and continually monitoring of the provision.


An Early Years Adviser had been invited into school to review the Foundation Stage which included wraparound.  This had been a new experience for the Blossomfield Childcare staff.  The Adviser had been very pleased with what she had seen and had recommended the school to Knowle CofE Primary Academy.


The Headteacher has set a target to move Blossomfield Childcare to outstanding provision within 18 months.  The new building will be an integral part of this.


A meeting with an interior designer for the new Foundation Stage wing had taken place.  The plan is to ensure continuity throughout the Foundation Stage including wrapround so the environment is familiar to the children.


Demand for Blossomfield Childcare is high.



Headteacher’s Report


The Headteacher extended a warm welcome to all governors to the various Christmas productions.


1.4  There is an expanding need for wraparound.  Mornings are particularly busy and numbers have been capped at 50.

1.6  The Headteacher confirmed that all family holiday is followed up and attendance is cross-referenced to attainment.  90% or less absence is followed up and fines have been issued to several families.  


Building work – completion date is 18 May.  It has been a real boost for the staff to see the structure emerging from the foundations.


A complaint had been received from a parent regarding the gate to the site compound being opened during morning before school opened.  The parent was concerned that children could slip into the building site without being noticed.  The Headteacher confirmed that children were under the supervision of their parents before drop off in the morning.  The parent had subsequently complained to the Health & Safety team at SMBC.  The current Building Site Manager is extremely proactive.


The Headteacher outlined staffing and advised governors that there were 2 new lunchtime supervisors and Blossomfield Childcare staff had become Blossomfield staff.  A 0.4 teacher jobshare has been recruited and will commence after Christmas.


5.1  A new DSL, Jade Turner, has been appointed for Blossomfield Childcare. The Chair will sign the Single Central Record.


The lockdown procedure does not need to be done annually but plans are in place to test it.




The Chair remarked on the outstanding KS1 results and asked why the Headteacher believed the school had been so successful compared to other local schools.  The Headteacher believed that it related to the curriculum being tailored to meet the outcomes required and the constant review and evaluation every term.


Governors wanted to thank Mrs Cooper, who co-ordinates the charity endeavours on such wonderful efforts to raise a significant amount of money.


Governors also recognised the contribution of Mrs Mason and Mrs Adams who had helped the school achieve green flag status.


8,2  The Chair, Headteacher and Deputy Head had attended an Educational Funding Reform meeting.


8.4  Prevent training is outstanding for 3 governors who need to complete as soon as possible.


8.8  The Chair has written to thank Louise Mutata for her contribution over the last 4 years.


Governors thanked the Headteacher for the new curriculum report and commented how informative it had been.  Governors had enjoyed reading about subjects other than the ones they had links with.  Governors asked for their thanks to be passed onto the staff who had been involved with the new report.


A governor asked for details of ‘disco dough’.  SC explained that it was an important way of helping the children to strengthen their hands and fingers. 


Governors noted the tremendous achievement the school had made in games with the school being the highest scoring small primary school.


11.4  SEN report – governors had no questions on this report which had previously been circulated.  The Headteacher advised that SMBC was undergoing an inspection on SEN provision.


The recent School Improvement Adviser visit had lasted for 3 hours, mainly focusing on SEND.  The Headteacher is confident that SEND children do well when looking at the progress they have made.  The School also supports families by providing access to a Community Family Mentor.


The Deputy Head is keen to be part of the Safeguarding Steering Group for SEND to help influence and positively impact on the school.



Teaching & Learning Committee


Governors had no comments on the minutes of the meeting held on 28 September 2016.


Governors discussed the change in parents evening; the Headteacher had received positive informal feedback.


The parent governors present advised that their preference was to have a booked appointment with a one to one slot with the teacher.




It was agreed that SC would seek formal feedback from parents prior to next year.



Foundation Stage Data


SC provided governors with a report detailing and achievement and progress of Blossomfield children compared to both SMBC and national scores.


The report also included a boy/girl comparison which showed that at Foundation Stage girls outperform boys in all areas.  Details of ethnicity, SEN, summer birthdays and SEN were also provided.


The Chair thanked SC for the very interesting report.


Governors discussed cursive writing and how this is introduced to children and progressed through the school.



Chairman’s Action


The report had been circulated to governors.  For future reports the Chair will add details of how many hours have been spent on governor business.





The new IT technician is Andy Price who is one of Rich’s employees.



Publication of Minutes and Papers


It was agreed that item 3 relating to the governor update was a confidential item and would be the subject of a separate minute.



Review of NGA Membership & The Key for School Governors


Governors discussed their use of the Key.  It is possible that access to the Key will continue to be part of the Governor Services service packages or it may need to be purchased at an additional cost to the Governor Services package.  The Deputy Head confirmed that she finds it beneficial as it outlines ‘what’s new’ when a policy changes or is amended.  The Headteacher uses the Key for regular updates on what’s new in education.


Governors agreed to await costings and to discuss in the next Resources Committee meeting.  The Headteacher suggested that the collaboratives may decide to fund the Key from the collaborative pot.


The use of NGA was also discussed and it was felt that the staff tended to use The Key whilst the governors used NGA.



Governors who are members of staff, the Deputy Head and Business Manager withdrew at 8.30pm prior to teaching staff pay discussions.    


Staff Performance Management


The Headteacher recommendations, as per the separate schedule, which is confidential, were unanimously agreed by governors.  The Chair will prepare


letters to the teaching staff.



Headteacher Performance Management


The Headteacher left the meeting at 8.45pm before this item was discussed.  The Chair’s recommendation, as per the separate schedule, which is confidential, was unanimously agreed by governors.



Date of Spring Statutory Meeting


Wednesday 15 March 2016 at 6.30pm.



Termination of Meeting


The meeting closed at 8.55pm






School Values

Below are our core values.