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Minutes of statutory board meeting 22.11.17

 Minutes of the Statutory Meeting of The Board Of Governors at Blossomfield

Infant & Nursery School on Wednesday 22 November 2017 


Present:                Mrs L Bosley (Chair of Governing Body) (LB), Mrs B Farkas

(Headteacher) (BF), Mrs S Church (SC) , Mrs D Rothwell (DR), Mrs C Bywater (CB) [from 7.42pm], Mr J Shaw (JS) 


Absent without     Mrs L Orme (LO)

Apologies:             Mr T Tiwana (TT),

In Attendance:       Mrs P Atkinson (Business Manager) (PA), Mrs K Morrison (KM) (Deputy

Headteacher), Ms Deborah Yardley (Clerk to The Governing Body) (DY)


The meeting opened at 6pm and was quorate for items 1-13 (8 governors)




Agenda Item


Supporting Documents


Minutes from the previous meetings – 21 June 2017 and Extraordinary meeting of 24 July 2017



Draft Minutes of Resources Committee Meeting of 8 November 2017


End of Year Out-turn Statement - School


End of Year Out-turn Statement – Childcare


Forward Forecaster



Training records


SMBC Governor Training programme details



Pay & Conditions Policy


Pay & Conditions Guidance


Behaviour Policy


Anti-bullying Policy


Lettings Policy


Purchasing Policy



Report of the Head Teacher


Blossomfield Childcare Report


Child Protection / SEN report


CPD – Training Record


Curriculum Reports Autumn 2017


School Development Plan


Parent Partnership Letter


Parent Questionnaires Summary



Minutes of Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting of 11 October  2017



Chairman’s Actions






Minute Item






The Governor Code of Conduct was accepted.


Minute ref: BFGB221117.1



Governors approved Annette Mackenzie and Stuart Hughes as co-opted governors appointed for a 4 year term with effect from 22 November.  


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.2


2.1 & 2.2

The Clerk to advise Governor Services of the new co-opted and parent governors and arrange for all to receive an SMBC email address.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.3



The minutes of the meetings held on 21 June 2017 and 24 July 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair as a true and accurate record of both meetings.


Minute ref: BFGBM22117.4



Governors approved the additional £820 annual spend on cleaning

Blossomfield Childcare rooms if the trial system does not prove successful.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.5


Governors approved the Resources Committee Terms of Reference.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.6


Governors approved the proposal agreed at Resources Committee to extend the hours of the new Finance Assistant to 3 days a week.  


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.7


Governors agreed that as long as the perimeter fencing was well-maintained that safeguarding arrangements of the school site were effective.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.8



The Clerk to book governors on the agreed training courses.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.9



The Pay & Conditions Policy, Pay & Conditions Guidance, Behaviour Policy, Anti- Bullying Policy, Lettings Policy and Purchasing policies were all adopted by governors.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.10



Governors accepted the SDP.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.11



‘Expanded SLT’ to be added to the agenda for the next Resources Committee meeting.


Minute ref: BFGBM221117.7







Welcome and Apologies for Absence


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies were received for TT due to pressure of work.  CB had advised that she would be arriving late.  No apologies had been received for LO, newly appointed parent governor.



Declaration of Pecuniary Interests 


There were no changes to any declared interests or new declared interests.



Governor Code of Conduct


The Governor Code of Conduct for accepted.  Forms for the Chair, Headteacher, SC, DR and JS were received.  The form for CB was received after the meeting.  The Clerk would request other governors to submit their signed forms.




Governing Body Structure 2017/18


2.1  Co-opted governor vacancies


There are currently 4 co-opted vacancies.  The Chair outlined details of two candidates who had put themselves forward for consideration as co-opted governors.  Governors approved both and Annette Mackenzie and Stuart Hughes were duly appointed as co-opted governors with effect from 22 November.  


2.2 Parent governor election

The Chair informed the Governors present that in the absence of any applications to stand as a Parent Governor she had telephoned Mrs Louise Orme to invite her to take up a Parent Governorship.  Mrs Orme applied last November but in the event it went to an election and Mr John Shaw was appointed.  Mrs Orme was delighted to accept the Governorship on 15 November and the Chairman duly sent her the paperwork for the meeting held on 22 November 2017. 

The Clerk would advise Governor Services of the new co-opted and parent governors and arrange for all to receive an SMBC email address.



Minutes of Meetings held on 21 June 2017 and 24 July 2017


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 June 2017 and 24 July 2017 were approved by governors as a true and accurate record of both meetings and were signed by the Chair.




Matters Arising from the Minutes


There were no matters arising.




Resources Committee Report


The draft minutes of the Resources Committee held on 8 November 2017 had been circulated to governors and were duly noted.


In the absence of the Chair of Resources, the Business Manager advised that the Resources Committee had authorised an additional spend of £820 relating to cleaning of Blossomfield Childcare.  However the Childcare team were currently trialling a new system which may mean it can be accommodated in the current specification.  Governors approved the additional £820 annual spend on cleaning if the trial system does not prove successful.


Governors approved the Resources Committee Terms of Reference.


The Business Manager advised that the guidance from SMBC was to prepare the 2018/18 budget based on funding received in previous years.  It was unlikely that the new national funding formula would positively impact on the school.


Governors reviewed the Forward Forecaster and agreed that a 3 year view is as far as can be reliably predicted.


Governors approved the proposal agreed at Resources Committee to extend the hours of the new Finance Assistant to 3 days a week.  This would incorporate the new 30 hours childcare portal and enable cover to be provided in the office 5 days a week.  An advert has been issued for a replacement following the resignation of the current Finance Assistant.


Governors were advised that the Resources Committee had prepared a draft of the SFVS which needs to be submitted by 31 March 2018.  Governors agreed that the process is now much slicker.


Governors noted the Out-turn statements and notes and the impact that the 35 children in nursery has had.  The Chair of Governors from St Alphege school is visiting on Monday to view the Blossomfield Childcare operation.


The Chair thanked the Business Manager for all her hard work.




The Chair of Governors provided the background to this item.  This had been discussed at the last Resources meeting. The Headteacher and Site Manager had conducted a walk around the school perimeter and completed a risk assessment.  Governors agreed that as long as the fencing was well-maintained that safeguarding arrangements of the school site were effective.







The following governor training was agreed:-


10 Jan, 17 Jan, 24 Jan 2018 - New Governors training programme – AM and SH to attend



7 Feb 2018 – Clerk’s Briefing – DY to attend

6 Feb 2018 – Freedom of Information – CB to attend

8 Feb 2018 – Online Safety in Schools – JS to attend

15 Mar 2018 – Supporting Children with Medical Conditions – DR & AM to attend

30 March 2018 – Chair’s Briefing Session – Chair of Governors to attend 6 Dec 2017 – SEN Briefing – Chair of Governors & CB to attend


The Clerk to book governors on the above courses.




Adoption of Policies


The following policies were adopted by governors:-


Pay & Conditions Policy

Pay & Conditions Guidance

Behaviour Policy

Anti- Bullying Policy

Lettings Policy

Purchasing Policy



Headteacher’s Report


The comprehensive report had been circulated with the agenda.  Governors were warmly welcomed to attend the Christmas performances and should advise the office if they require a ticket.  The Chair would extend the invitation to the new co-opted governors.


Governors noted the following points:-


The numbers of children on roll are changing.  There are currently 94 children in Year 2.  Unfortunately no additional funding will be received for the children who joined after census day.  All Reception classes will shortly be full at 30 per class.


Governors reviewed the absence details.  Absence currently stands at 97.13% with the aim of 98%.  A governor asked a question regarding the high levels of unauthorised holiday absence among Year 1 children.  The Headteacher confirmed that the majority of the high level of absence related to 3 families; one child had missed 14 sessions as a result of the Caribbean hurricane.  Penalty fines were issued by the local authority to any family who take a week’s unauthorised absence.  The school writes to all parents who take authorised absence.  The Headteacher advised that absence was tracked rigorously because of its impact on attainment.


The Headteacher confirmed that there are a number of families who are required to provide medical evidence if their children are unwell and unable to attend school.  Where this medical evidence is not provided, the absence would be noted as ‘unauthorised’.  This was the reason for a higher level of unauthorised absence in Year 2.  The school, the Community Family Mentor and the school attendance officer all work together to impress upon families the importance of regular attendance at school.


Sites and buildings – the Site Manager had been very flexible, assisting with the conversion of the blue room.  The new build snagging items are scheduled to be completed by 27 November but this appeared ambitious.  The playground is now in situ and awaiting the ‘wet pour’ which is the responsibility of Interclass.




Governors reviewed the staffing update provided by the Headteacher, noting the changes in staffing as a result of a Year 2 teacher leaving at Christmas and a teacher commencing maternity leave.  It is likely that the newly recruited lunchtime supervisor would relocate to the south; a recruitment drive to replace her is underway.


The Headteacher advised that the school had a lockdown bell as the previous whistle system did not work for the expanded school.  The lockdown process would be tested in the spring term.  Governors agreed that it was important to prepare for such an incident.


The report from Blossomfield Childcare was noted.  Governors requested their thanks be conveyed to Jade Page.  The Headteacher would arrange for Jade Page to present the report to the governors in the spring term.


School Development Plan


The Chair had asked governors to submit a report of the actions taken during the year by 15 December 2017.  It was noted that this should ideally take place during the summer term.


Governors identified a number of minor corrections to the SDP which the

Headteacher would make.  The Chair wished to thank all staff for their acceptance of change, continuity for the children and for going above and beyond when moving to the new build.


Governors agreed that Eco-Schools had raised awareness for children and families and was a fantastic achievement.  Governors requested their thanks be given to Mrs Adams and Mrs Mason.


Governors accepted the SDP.


ASP (new RaiseOnline)


The Headteacher advised that the new ASP was much easier to understand and more streamlined than its predecessor.  Governors were delighted with the performance of the school in comparison to both LA and national standards.  The School Improvement advisor had agreed with the school’s judgement of outstanding for outcomes.


Governors discussed what would happen if a School Improvement Advisor would not be available going forward.  The Headteacher advised that the school was waiting to ascertain if the LA had a plan; if the Collaborative had a plan or whether individual schools would need to be a decision about an adviser.  


Governors agreed that should the school have to pay for an adviser, they would need to ensure value for money.  The Headteacher and the SLT had a huge amount of expertise in infant schools and would only pay to receive expert infant school advice.


The Headteacher advised that given the school has expanded, the current SLT were stretched.  A KS1 leader role appointment would need to be looked at.  There are more staff at school requiring performance management and this had a significant impact on SLT’s time particularly where there are job shares.  Governors agreed that an expanded school needed an expanded management team.  A TLR of approx.



£2500 would reduce the pressure on the SLT and present an opportunity for a current member of the team to step up.  This would be discussed at the next Resources Committee meeting and the Clerk would add it to the agenda.


Governors were pleased to note that Julian Knight, MP for Solihull would be presenting the School Council with the Speaker of the House of Commons School Council award on Friday.


The recent open morning had been very busy with lots of positive feedback.


KM explained to governors how the different synergy collaborative meetings worked and included groups for the School Business Managers, SENCOs and Headteacher sessions.


8.5  Child Protection / SEN


Governors noted the report.  KM was disappointed to report that the school had not been successful in obtaining early years funding; the school would re-apply.


Governors reviewed the outcomes for SEN children and noted that all SEN children made good or better progress.  These outcomes are as a result of the hard work of staff and volunteers.


In response to a question from a governor, KM outlined how the school supported children who were away from school on long term sick.  When children are at home they could benefit from the home tutoring service.  Such children would be supported through resourcing, work planning and would remain on the school roll.  Children in hospital were dual registered at James Brindley School and Blossomfield School.  


Children who have medical conditions are supported at school.  Staff are given access to the appropriate training and a risk assessment is conducted to ascertain what the child can and cannot do without limiting their education.  The aim is to understand the expert’s view of the condition and how this can be managed.


[CB arrived at 7.42pm.]


8.8  Parent Partnership 


Governors noted the request for additional bike and scooter storage facilities.  The Headteacher advised that with the advent of darker evenings, those parents collecting from the after school club had found the location of the current storage very dark.  The location of any new storage would be important and parents’ views would be sought in advance.


8.9  Parent Questionnaires


This is an annual process and governors were pleased to see the positive feedback.  133 parent questionnaires were returned which was a very good response rate.



Teaching & Learning Committee


The minutes of the meeting held on 11 October 2017 had been sent to governors with the agenda.  Governors had no comments on the minutes of the meeting. The Chair thanked CB for taking on the role of Committee Chair.






Chairman’s Action


The report had been circulated to governors with the agenda and was duly noted.  The Chair advised a correction to the report; she had been unwell and unable to attend the Heads Partnership meeting on 16 November.


The Chair confirmed that she had given the Headteacher permission to attend the Headteacher’s Conference.





The Clerk would arrange for the new governors details to be added to the website.



Publication of Minutes and Papers


It was agreed that were no confidential items.



Date of Spring Statutory Meeting


Wednesday 28 March 2018 at 6pm.


Prior to item 14, DR, SC, KM, the School Business Manager and the Clerk to

Governors withdrew from the meeting for the discussion to take place regarding the

Performance Management Outcomes for all Teaching Staff and Senior

Managers.  The proposals had been discussed verbally with the Chair of Resources; Mr Tiwana who was unable to attend the meeting, Mr Tiwana supported the recommendations.  This part of the meeting was not quorate but rather than hold up salary payments the Chair of Governors agreed to take responsibility for decisions taken supported by Mrs Charlotte Bywater (Chair of Teaching & Learning) and Mr John Shaw (Member of Resources Committee).  This will be brought to the spring meeting of the Board of Governors for ratification.



Recommendations for SLMT & Teachers Pay


This item has been recorded as a Confidential Minute.



Termination of Meeting


The meeting closed at 8.25pm.







School Values

Below are our core values.