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Minutes of statutory board meeting 16.3.16

 Minutes of the Statutory Meeting Of The Board Of Governors

At Blossomfield Infant & Nursery School On

Wednesday 16 March 2016 



Mrs L Bosley Chair (LB), Mrs B Farkas Headteacher (BF), Mr D Flavell

(DF), Mrs S Church (SC), Mr R Jarman (RJ), Mrs D Rothwell (DR), Mr T Tiwana (TT)


Jamie Woodbridge (JW) and Rebecca McDermott (RM)

In Attendance:

Mrs P Atkinson (Business Manager) (PA), Ms Deborah Yardley (Clerk To The Governing Body) (DY)


Agenda Item


Supporting Documents


Minutes from the previous meeting – 26 November 2015


Minutes of Resources Committee Meeting of 24 February 2016


Audit Report


Out-turn Statement as at January 2016 



Budget 2016/17


Complaints Policy


Scrutiny Committee SFVS


Written Report from Orchids


Report of the Head Teacher


Child Protection / SEN report


Minutes of Teaching and Learning Committee Meeting of 3 February 2016



Link Governor reports for English, EYFS and RE


Chairman’s Actions


Minute Item











The Minutes of the Meeting held on 26 November 2015 were approved with 3 minor changes made.

Governor training was identified.  Chair to book Governors onto the training.  Clerk to identify relevant training and book onto training.

Policies agreed and accepted for use in school: Complaints Policy.









Action/ Timescale


Welcome and Apologies for Absence


The Chair of the Governing Body welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.  The Chair introduced DY as the newly appointed Clerk to the Governors.






Action/ Timescale







Apologies had been received from Jamie Woodbridge and Rebecca McDermott.


The Chair of the Governing Body advised that Liz Coombes has resigned from the governing body.  SMBC has been notified and they would send LC an exit questionnaire.







Pecuniary Interests Register


All attendees confirmed there were no changes.  The register will need to be updated to reflect LC’s resignation.


Clerk to update to show Liz




Minutes of the Statutory Board Meeting held on 26 November 2015


The minutes, having been circulated and read, were agreed as a true and correct record of the meeting.


The minutes of 26 November were approved with 3 corrections namely to correct the date and to changing 2 words from red font to black font.  Once these changes were made, the Chair of the Governing Body would sign them as an accurate record.




Matters Arising from the Minutes



















Resources Committee Report


5.1  Minutes of the Resources Committee

TT, the Chair of the Resources Committee provided an update on the meeting of the Resources Committee held on 24 February and referenced the excellent audit report which had been received.


Mrs Atkinson highlighted the key points from the School Business Manager’s Report:

  • The £3K SEN funding was pleasing as it had not been expected.    All governors have access to ‘The Key for Governors’ which is a great source of information.
  • The PE and Sport grant will continue to the 2016/17 academic year.
  • Following the Resources Committee Meeting on 24 February, Sean Hall, Site Manager had offered to move the larger items of furniture as part of his holiday work remit.
  • Funds which would be carried forward to 2016/17 financial year would be maternity pay and PE and Sports grant which had not been spent due to the very short Spring term.


5.4 Budget 2016/17

The following points were noted:-

  • Pupil growth should be £35k and has been amended by the


























local authority as they had omitted a teaching assistant and lunchtime supervisor which had previously been agreed.

  • The Business Manager has estimated the Pupil Premium grant as requested using the current Free School Meals numbers.
  • Pupil premium numbers have increased; different rules now apply to the IDACI funding.  The Headteacher outlined how groups of schools could pool Pupil Premium money to buy in resources.
  • The Business Manager is currently on draft 3 of the budget.  Subject leaders have provided costing and all staff have been fully involved linked to the School Development Plan.
  • The Business Manager will meet with the Chair of the

Resources Committee and send out the budget in advance of the 4th May meeting of the Statutory Board of the Governing Body.


Governors challenged the use of reserves and wanted to understand what was driving this.  There were a number of factors including the decision to employ a non-teaching Deputy Head which had been done with the future expansion in mind; 2 NQTs had been recruited in September so the budget included recruiting an experienced member of staff to ensure that a balance of staff was maintained.  The pupil growth fund will not catch up until there is 3 form entry in all years.


Governors wanted to ensure that given the transition of the school, additional care was paid to finances.


The Business Manager sought agreement from governors as to the renewal of the grounds maintenance contract; costs have been removed as this is private and confidential.  Governors agreed to renew the contract and referenced the excellent relationship which had been developed with the supplier.


The Chair of the Governing Body advised that she had asked the

Business Manager to enrol the school in the National Governors Association as gold members.  This entitled the governors to a handbook, weekly updates to governors and a hotline to call with any questions.  Governor online training would not be renewed.





































Business Manager to progress




Action / Timescale




Governors were provided with details of the upcoming training events offered by SMBC and the following was agreed to:


  • Chairs’ Briefing Sessions – Wednesday 22 June 2016 – LB
  • English as an Additional Language – Wednesday 8 June - LB
  • Early Help – Thursday 23 June 2016 – LB.
  • Equality & Diversity – Wednesday 29 June - TT & LB       SEN Update & Briefing – 24 May 2016 – LB & DR.
  • Understanding School Data RAISE Online – Wednesday 5 July – LB & RJ.


A discussion took place about the RAISE Online course and whether it covered new content.  The Chair of the Governing Body would speak to Governor Services and update Governors.


The Chair of the Governing Body reminded governors to provide apologies if they were unable to attend and that the School Improvement Advisor reviews how governors are engaging with training.




Clerk to book Governors onto the training listed.


Adoption of Policies

7.1  Complaints Policy


This was accepted as policy by all governors.

















Scrutiny Committee SFVS


The Chair of the Scrutiny Committee advised that going forward the Resources Committee will produce the SFVS and the Scrutiny Committee will review it.


The Scrutiny Committee had reviewed the recent audit report, had noted the recommendations and had accepted the report.


The Chair of the Scrutiny Committee provided governors with the methodology used to complete the SFVS and the review process.  It had highlighted the need for financial training for governors and the requirement to focus on this in future.  The Chair of the Resources Committee is a Chartered Accountant.




Chair of

Governing Body to sign the SFVS





Action / Timescale


Written report from Orchids (confidential minute)






















































Report of Head Teacher


The Headteacher warmly invited all Governors to the Easter celebrations at Shirley Baptist Church.  The Chair of the Governing Body confirmed she will be attending.


The key points from the report were:-


Page 3 – Average Attendance

Attendance is up but there is still unauthorised holiday; 3 fines have been issued.  The Headteacher confirmed that the fine was £60 per parent per child.


Pages 4 – Sites and Building

The Headteacher and Chair of the Governing Body had attended a very useful pre-build meeting which had enabled them to ask a variety of questions including a request to plan SATS week into the build timetable.  The start date for the build will be 18 March with completion due 23 December.  Access to the site compound for pedestrians will be secure; the cycle shed will remain and can be used as now.  The Headteacher has asked for a list of contractors who will be on site.  Trevor Bird who will be the Site Manager will meet PA and Sean Hall each week and advise who will be on site.


All staff are working together on decant.  The Headteacher has written to parents about the summer term plans but is currently unable to provide details about plans for the autumn term.  Local councillors have requested a meeting at 4pm on 23 March to discuss the build.



Page 7 – New Staff

The Chair of the Governing Body confirmed that the new Clerk needs to have an induction which the Chair will arrange.


The CPD summary needs to be circulated to Governors.



Page 7 – Safeguarding


5.1 – Designated Members of Staff:

The Head Teacher highlighted the members of staff who had designated safeguarding roles.


5.2 – Single Central Record:

The Head Teacher informed the meeting that the Single Central Record had been signed off by herself and the Chair of the Governing Body. 






































Clerk to circulate




Page 8 – Fire Drills

This took place when parents were in school which had been a valuable learning experience and improvements had been cascaded down to staff.


Page 9 – PE Funding


The Head Teacher informed Governors that school had been delighted to come in 4th place in the recent gymnastics competition.


Cessation of after school clubs – the Headteacher is hopeful that they will be able to resume after the build is completed.  Orchids have benefitted from their relocation into the school hall because they are able to accommodate more children. 



Page 11 – Parent Partnership


Previous minutes had been added to the website.


Page 12 - School Adviser Visit 


Middle leaders had presented their work to the School Adviser which had been a good opportunity for their professional development.  The School Adviser had commented very favourably.


A discussion then took place about working closely with partner schools which forms part of a Confidential Minute.



Page 13 - Assessment 

The Headteacher reported that there is concern over KS2 writing in SATS exams.  Teachers are waiting for firm direction.


10.3 Press and Publicity


Previously Blossomfield has held an Open Day for prospective parents to look around.  An advert has also been placed in a local paper to notify prospective parents.  The Headteacher suggested that given the building work which will be ongoing and also that the school is full, that Blossomfield should not hold an Open Day this year and instead should relaunch once the work is complete.  Governors agreed with this strategy.


There were no further questions regarding the Head Teacher’s report.  




10.4  Child Protection/SEN


Governors questioned whether the figure of 25 children was higher than historically.  The Headteacher confirmed this was in the normal range.




10.5  Safeguarding Register


The meeting was informed that Chair of the Governing Body and the Head Teacher had signed the Safeguarding Register.


10.6  School Bullying/Incident Registers


The meeting was informed that the Chair of the Governing Body had signed the School Bullying/Incident Registers.





Teaching and Learning Committee The report was accepted by Governors.





Link Governor Reports


The reports which had been submitted for 12.4 (English); 12.5 (EYFS) and 12.11 (RE) were discussed.


The Chairman advised that she had that day attended a recorder session in school and had been very impressed with the lesson planning and objectives and the support which had been provided to enable a child with SEN to participate.


Governors agreed that the reports were valuable to read and acknowledged the importance of coming into school so that children and staff know who governors are and what they do.


The Headteacher outlined a suggested change to the process which currently exists which would be that the subject leader would generate a 1 page report each term which could be used as a basis for discussion with the link governor.  The report would reference the School Development Plan which could then be followed up by the governor.


Governors agreed with this proposal and the Headteacher would implement with staff.


The Chairman reminded governors that to be considered as outstanding in leadership that governors needed to be involved in the curriculum of the school.  An election for parent governor vacancies would be held in the summer term.
























Headteacher to implement with staff







Chairman’s Action


There were no questions on the report previously circulated.  The Chair advised that the 15 April Finance in Schools meeting had been deferred until 29 April.






The Chair reported that all queries had been rectified.  The only outstanding matter relates to governors photographs.  Governors were asked to provide a photo of themselves after Easter.


It was agreed that the website is easy to navigate and meets legal requirements.


Governors to provide photo


Publication of minutes and papers


It was agreed that the Clerk to the Governing Body would review the minutes of the last Statutory Board Minutes from November 2015 and arrange for them to be published on the school website.




Termination of Meeting



School Values

Below are our core values.