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Infant and Nursery School

'Blossom at Blossomfield'

Curriculum, staffing and interventions

At Blossomfield, children follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum in nursery and reception, and the National curriculum in years 1 and 2. You can read more what the children learn in our prospectus. - see link below.

Our current staff for the academic year 2014/15 can be found on this website - see link below.


At Blossomfield our Teaching Assistants support children with their learning. They may take individuals or small groups or class groups. Some children at times need to learn in a calmer, less stimulating environment than a busy classroom and a teaching assistant may work with them on a 1:1 basis in a smaller room such as the garden room or the library. Our teaching assistants also run interventions such as;

  • The Early literacy strategy which is a daily reading and writing programme
  • Beam which is a physical programme aimed at increasing a child’s core stability which can help with concentration and gross and fine motor skills
  • Dancing Bears which is a daily phonics programme
  • Action words which is a reading programme with physical prompts
  • Spellwise which is a very structured daily phonics programme
  • Mathemagicians which is a school run programme for targeted groups of children for a specific aspect of maths for example problem solving with more able mathematicians or preteaching with those finding maths a challenge
  • Busy Bees which is a school led phonics, writing, comprehension or handwriting programme for targeted children for a specific aspect of their literacy learning.


Some children may need specialist equipment such as a sensory cushion, sloping desk, coloured reading trackers or visual cue cards to help with their learning. These are just some examples of specialist equipment we use at Blossomfield.


Our nursery is fully accessible and most of our main school building is accessible for most children.

We have a disabled toilet and shower for use by children who may need it. You can read further about our accessibility and equal opportunities policy here.


All staff attend regular whole staff training on Inset days or whole staff meetings. Over the last 2 years these have included;

  • Working with children on the autistic spectrum
  • Working with children with muscular duchennes
  • Working with children for whom English is an additional language and tracking their progress


In addition Mrs Katy Morrison has recently completed the National Award for Special educational needs coordinators and attends the regular updates provided by Solihull local authority.

School Values

Below are our core values.